Gun City USA, Inc.

573 Murfreesboro Road
Nashville, TN 37210

Phone: 615.256.6127


Store hours
Monday - Saturday
10AM to 7PM

Range hours
Monday - Saturday
10AM to 7PM




Welcome To The Shooters Supermarket!

Gun City USA, located at 573 Murfreesboro Road, is Nashville's most seasoned gun range and shooter supply store serving the general public for over 47 years! Gun City USA has an indoor handgun range with which you can improve and maintain your shooting skills. The fee to use the range is $15 per day, per person. We also offer yearly range memberships for $295 year. On Special for $200! See Below.

If you don't own a handgun and would just like to shoot, Gun City USA offers rental guns for shooting on our range. Rental gun rates $15 per gun, per person, per day.

We carry a complete selection of accessories and ammunition for all your shooting needs. We also have your holsters, surplus, cleaning supplies, magazines, and gun cases.

Anything we do not currently have in our inventory, can be ordered at your request.

Want to get your handgun carry permit? Gun City USA is a state certified school with state approved instructors. Gun City USA conducts the handgun safety class that is required to apply for your handgun carry permit. Even if you are not planning to get your handgun carry permit, by taking the course, you will learn about handgun safety, how to operate a handgun properly, personal protection, and much, much more! Gun City USA's well qualified and seasoned instructors specialize in training everyone from beginners to well experienced shooters. Our carry permit classes are offered on select Sundays as well as select evenings. Call Gun City USA for more information and class dates!

We also offer appraisals for your firearms for insurance purposes or for a personal record of the value of your firearms. Printed documentation on your appraisals for your records.

Can't hit your target? Bring in your rifles, handguns, and black powder guns to be sighted in. We will have your cross hairs on point in no time.

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$15.00/day/per person
$10.00 after 4pm

LADIES $5.00